The Best Horse Racing Picks at Santa Anita 2024 Winter Meet

Today's Racing Digest's Santa Anita Analyst Win Picks Consistently Out Perform The Competition

In a study comparing horse racing win pick results from the handicappers at Today's Racing Digest and 5 other horse racing handicapping pick websites for the full 2024 Winter meet at Santa Anita  (December 26, 2023 - April 7, 2024) Today's Racing Digest continues to provide the most consistently profitable picks available.

24_SA_Winter Meet best handicapper results

Santa Anita Picks That Provided The Highest Payouts

In the study, the top picks for each handicapper or tipster was used as a $2 win bet and then the payouts were used to offset the cost of the bets.

One interesting result of the profitability comparison is none of the horse racing handicappers were able to show a profit for the full Santa Anita meet.  This is partly a result of each handicapper providing a win pick for every race regardless of whether it was actually a good betting race.  In most instances, a public handicapper's customers expect to get a pick for each race since and most services will provide more context when purchasing their "premium" products.  It's good to keep in mind that most successful handicappers will only place bets on a few races per card where they feel they can get good value or beat the rest of the betting public so if you are looking to a make a profit it might make sense to pay for the premium product.  Another reason none of the services were able to show a profit is the size of the fields and quality of racing at Santa Anita have been sub par as compared to previous years.  When you have small fields and low quality racing the pools tend to be smaller with favorites standing out like a sore thumb.

When looking at the chart below it is worth noting the average payout per win.  If no handicapper is able to show a profit then it is worth noting the quality of wins they are getting.  In other words, are they consistently picking the favorites or do they find more profitable horses to bet on.

TRD Top Win Picks (Race Analyst) 396 144 $762.70 ($29.30) 36.40% -3.70% $1.93 $5.30
TRD Fractional Charting 416 118 $772.30 ($59.70) 28.40% -7.20% $1.86 $6.54
TRD Quick Picks Top Choice 393 133 $681.50 ($104.50) 33.80% -13.30% $1.73 $5.12
TRD Consensus 386 118 $660.90 ($111.10) 30.60% -14.40% $1.71 $5.60
TRD FAST FIGS 413 122 $705.70 ($120.30) 29.50% -14.60% $1.71 $5.78
Racing Dudes 397 126 $622.10 ($171.90) 31.70% -21.60% $1.57 $4.94
Guaranteed Tip Sheet 367 119 $563.90 ($170.10) 32.40% -23.20% $1.54 $4.74
Numberfire 365 95 $550.90 ($179.10) 26.00% -24.50% $1.51 $5.80
Track Master 377 104 $554.30 ($199.70) 27.60% -26.50% $1.47 $5.33

The results for finding the best handicapper at Santa Anita came from the following sources in the order of profitability starting with the highest first.

TRD Top Win Picks, came from Today's Racing Digest's Consensus in the Race Analyst column.  The top pick was used for each race and if that horse was scratched the next horse on the list was used.  These are the same picks that are provided for free every race day on our Santa Anita Park Picks track page.

Fractional Charting picks were taken from the horse that was projected to win the race in Today's Racing Digests Fractional Charting.  The Fractional Charting is a Today's Racing Digest exclusive feature that gives you a projected pace of the race allowing you to see potential pace scenarios that can be favorable in today's race conditions.  For the 2024 Santa Anita  winter meet  Fractional Charting's top charting horse provided the highest average payout per win of $6.54.  the Fractional Charting historically does exceptionally well in turf and route races often times uncovering horses overlooked by the rest of the betting public.

TRD Quick Picks Top Choice is from Today's Racing Digest's Quick Picks feature where the handicapper who writes that races's analysis in the race sheet puts together his Top Choice, Main Threats, Longshot and possible betting strategy for that race.

TRD Consensus comes from the Today's Racing Digest's Consensus in the Consensus Column where we assign points to a win, place and show bet for each feature listed on the Consensus.

Fast Figs came from Today's Racing Digest's Fast Figs which is an AI generated figure that combines, speed, pace and strength of field.  All of these features are included every race day in Santa Anita's Complete Digest.

Racing Dudes came from the daily win picks provided on their website.

Guranteed Tip Sheet came from the daily win picks provided on their website.

Numbefire came from their daily win picks provided on their website and used in TVG's online betting platform.

Track Master came from their daily win picks on NYRABets and TVG's online betting platform.

You may notice that in some cases there are fewer picks listed from a handicapping service.  The reason for this is either the pick(s) weren't available for that day or the horse(s) were scratched from the race and that pick was removed from the results.   These results are accurate and none of the picks have been manipulated, changed or edited in anyway.  For questions or if you would like to see the actual picks please contact us a