Fractional Charting

Easily See Overlooked Pace Scenarios That Can Payout Big

Handicappers that rely too heavily on past speed without being able to accurately visualize how that speed fits into today's race will frequently lose big, betting on overrated false favorites.  We've created a handicapping report that gives you an accurate projection of how a horse's speed and ability fits in today's race so you can quickly identify any horses that are not suited for he pace match up of the race.

Fractional Charting Available Files

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Fractional ChartingSaratoga$5.00
Fractional ChartingWoodbine$5.00-

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Easily Handicapping Pace and Win Like a Season Pro

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Betting the highest speed figure will ultimately give you a flat bet loss. Often times the top speed figure horse is not suited for the pace match up of the race. This is where pace handicapping and Fractional Charting can help.

Unlike other handicapping products, our seasoned handicappers identify the most representative past performance for each horse and then using our exclusive proprietary par-time-by-class standard and sophisticated algorithms our database projects how each horse is expected to run in today's race already taking into account any previous track bias and changes made in class, distance, surface and tracks.

With Fractional Charting you will now be able to accurately visualize how today’s heat will unfold, displaying likely frontrunners, and projected early fractions to help you uncover potential speed duals, as well as the swiftest closers and projected final times that can favor strong closers often missed by the rest of the betting public.


Handicappers Who Love Fractional Charting

Fractional Charting comes through again.  I caught 4 superfectas at Santa Anita and 3 at Golden Gate Fields that doesn't include multiple exactas and win and place bets.

J. Wind
(customer since 2009)

It should be a challenge tomorrow at Belmont, hate to tackle the minus 20 Percent hill without your Fractional Charting numbers!  I have been buying the digest since day 1- 1970.  I survived these 60 years of playing and your Digest certainly has helped! Thanks.

T. Freer
(customer since 1970)

Many of us in the executive's offices at Del Mar Thoroughbred Club go "all in" on the Fractional Charting leader in Turf Routes.  It has done well for us.  Thanks!

C. Bahr
(DMTC Track Partner Since 1970)

When To Use

Your Speed Figures Aren't Finding You Value Anymore

Often times the top speed figure horse isn't suited for the pace match up of the race.

Verify Your Own Picks

Uncover hidden pace scenarios that can hurt your top picks.

Play the Exotic Bets

Each race horse is ordered by the fastest final times making it easy to see the expected order of finish in each race.

Short On Time

All fractional times have already been adjusted to reflect today’s race conditions and track .

Get Out of a Slump

Proven since 1970, Fractional Charting can help you get back to basics by focusing your bankroll on only those horses that do well in the charting.

Easily Uncover Hidden Value and Overlooked Contenders That Can Payout Big.

Quickly Identify Horses Capable of Winning

Any horses that are within one second of the fastest time should be considered capable of winning in today’s race.

Determine Which Horses Have a Pace Advantage

Horses that have their pace numbers underlined have a pace advantage.

Effortlessly Uncover Potential Speed Duals

When multiple horses are within one tenth of a second of the fastest early times a potential speed dual exists in which case the fastest closers may have a pace advantage.

Easily Find Undervalued First-Time Starters

If no horse charts close to par time for the level, then that’s the time to give the new faces (first-time starters) a second look.

Find Horses That Can Successfully Step Up in class

Simply compare the par times for today’s race with each of the runner’s and any runner that is not within 2 seconds (10 lengths) of the final par time should be considered capable of competing at this level.

Uncover the Swiftest Closer

Those horses with the fastest last fractions are often times those with the strongest late kick which is crucial in turf routes and when speed duels occur.

Easily See the Pace Shape of The Race

Fractional Charting horse racing pace handicapping report

Quickly identify which runners might have a pace advantage or should be able to successfully step up in class.

Fractional Charting shows you where each horse is expected to be throughout the entire race.

Get the race conditions and post times for each race.

See the race par times making it easy for you to determine which horses are a strong fit for the class.

Quickly identify each horse's running style and the probable shape of the race with the projected times at each point of call.

The leader at each point of call has been underlined so you can get a quick visual of whose on the lead throughout the race.

Only the most recent and representative races of today's conditions are used in the charting.

Easily uncover the fastest closer with each horse's Last Fraction Time.

Get the date of the selected representative race along with the number of races back from today's race.

Quickly see recency with a black diamond indicating a race was older than 3 months back.

Easily see those representative races that were run a different surface indicated by a >>>.

Quickly identify those horses that don't have a recent race at or about this distance indicated by "XXX"

Fractional Charting horse racing pace handicapping report