Easy to Use Picks That Make You A Winner At The Track

If you are new to horse racing or just going to the track for the first time the Consensus gives you our top 3 choices in each race. With the easy-to-use Conensus, you'll look and be cashing tickets like a seasoned pro.

Consensus Available Files

ProductTrackPriceWed 19thThu 20th
ConsensusBelmont At The Big A$5.00-
ConsensusChurchill Downs$5.00
ConsensusGulfstream Park$5.00-

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A Horse Racing Secret You Need To Know

When placing a bet on a horse race you aren't betting against the "house" or "track" instead the money goes into a pool for that wager type and whom ever picks the horse(s) that win get everybody else's money who bet in that same race and wager type.  The secret to being profitable betting on horse races is to have good quality "insider" information that the rest of the betting public does not have.

Betting on a horse because they have a silly name or pretty colors can be fun but please know that professional handicappers want you to bet on those horses because they are often times betting against you and know your horse can't win so they will win your money.

Since 1970, Today's Racing Digest has been dedicated to the survival of the race-goer.  Whether it's your first time or your a casual player, the Consensus can level the playing field giving you just as much of a chance to win as the professional.


Customer Reviews

I went ahead and made use of the picks in the Consensus. It did prove useful and I was pleased with it. I plan to add it to my handicapping references going forward. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these resources.

C. VanLue
(customer since 2016)

When To Use

New To Horse Racing

You don't know which horse to pick.

Verify Your Own Picks

Get an experts opinion.

Play the Exotic Bets

Exactas, Trifectas and Multi Race Bets

Short On Time

You don't have enough time to handicap all of the races.

Use With Your Current Tip Sheet

Feel more confident with your picks while winning more frequently.

Winning Handicapping Picks Consensus includes top 3 horse racing picks for each race

Have Fun and Win at the Track

We understand how confusing horse racing can be and love every opportunity to help people become more confident and successful at the track.  We also understand that for many a trip to the track is a social event and all you really want is a little guidance at the betting window.  With the Consensus page easy-to-read 1-2-3 format you get the top 3 best picks for each race giving you the best chance possible to go home a winner.

The Consensus best bets usually don't pay a lot, but they do tend to win at a high percentage so they are exceptionally helpful when playing the exotic bets. (Exacta, Trifecta, Daily Double, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and Pick 6)

Consensus Makes It Easy to Pick Winners

Easy to use consensus for winning tips and picks for those new to horse racing

Get the Top 3 Picks From 5 Different Key Handicapping Angles

3 Highest CPR's (Comprehensive Performance Rating is a figure that projects how fast each horse is expected to run in today's race based on it's previous races run including the pace, final time, and closing fractions of those races)

Top 3 Fractional Charting Leaders (A projection of how fast each horse is expected to run in today's race)

3 Highest FIRE #'s (Final Race Equation is a figure that projects how fast each horse is expected to run in today's race based on a horse's past speed throughout the entire race(s) modified to reflect today's race conditions)

Top 3 Race Analyst Picks (Race Analyst is the expert who handicapped the race for the complete Digest)

Best of the Consensus (We tabulate each column and give you a numerical ranking for the top 3 horses)

List of Horses Running in Today's Races

Quickly find the race # of a horse by using the alpha list which is included with each Consensus. 

List of horses running in today's races