Learn About Digest Race Sheets

The Digest Race Sheets Core Features

Whether you're new to horse racing or looking for a better way to handicap the races, we guarantee that once you start using these 6 easy simple handicapping strategies you will quickly find yourself winning more frequently with higher payouts or we'll give you your money back.

Running Styles

Handicap Running Styles Like a Pro

Often times one particular running style will do better in one type of race versus another.

Track Profile
The Digest Race Sheet's Track Profile, tells you which running styles have been winning at today's race distance and surface.  You'll get the number of races included in the study and percentage of times each running style has won.  (F=frontrunner, P=pressers, M=midpackers, R=late runners)

Performance Early in the Race (PER)
Our team of expert handicappers evaluates each horse's expected performance in today's race and designates the type of running style they expect each horse to run in the PER column in the Race Sheet Header.
(F=frontrunner, P=pressers, M=midpackers, R=late runners)

How To Use
Compare the track profile with the running style of each horse.  Those horses with running styles that do exceptionally well or poorly, relative to the other running styles in the race, should be noted.

In races where there are multiple horses with the most favorable running styles in the race should consider what the probable pace shape of the race might be.  Too many front runners and there could be a multi horse speed dual opening up the stretch for a strong midpacker or late runner.  If there are too many late runners entered with a front runner who has a strong late kick and that front runner could go wire-to-wire.

Check the Closer section in the Race Appraisal or the Last Fraction in the horse's Data Lines to determine which horses have a strong late kick.

Expert Analysis
Insider Information
Projected PP's