Fast Figs

An Easy To Use Performance Figure Proven To Find Overlays That Can Win

The widespread use of antiquated speed figures has most handicappers struggling to consistently find value on the tote board. Through the power of AI learning we've created the first horse racing figure that has proven to consistently find overlays that can win.

Fast Figs Available Files

ProductTrackPriceTue 18thWed 19thThu 20th
PlaceholderFast Figs: All TracksAll Tracks Running$7.00-
Fast FigsBelmont At The Big A$3.00--
Fast FigsChurchill Downs$3.00-
Fast FigsDelaware Park$3.00--
Fast FigsFinger Lakes$3.00-
Fast FigsGulfstream Park$3.00--
Fast FigsIndiana Downs$3.00-
Fast FigsLouisiana Downs$3.00-
Fast FigsMountaineer Track & Resort$3.00-
Fast FigsPenn National$3.00-
Fast FigsPresque Isle Downs$3.00-
Fast FigsParx Racing$3.00--
Fast FigsThistledown$3.00-

Fast Figs Subscriptions

Get Unlimited Downloads of all Fast Figs for all tracks for one low price!

Subscription NameDetailsPrice Purchase Now
Fast Figs Monthly Subscription ($39 pr month)Learn More$39.00 / month
Fast Figs 3 Months Subscription ($33 pr month)Learn More$99.00 every 3 months
Fast Figs Annual Subscription ($25 pr month)Learn More$299.00 / year

How Much Are Bad Handicapping Picks Costing you?

Do you often find that your top horse racing picks come up as the favorites with little chance of making much even if the horse wins the race?  Can we ease your mind a bit?  The truth is, it is really difficult to consistently find horses that have a better chance of winning than their odds suggest.  You're not a bad handicapper and you're not alone.

You just need the right handicapping tools so you can quickly and easily identify which races and horses are good bets and which ones to pass on.

If you spend hours handicapping or simply use your favorite tip sheet Today's Racing Digest's most profitable figure, Fast Figs, will help you improve your win rates and increase your payouts.

Horse Racing + Big Data + Machine Learning

Fast Figs is the first consistently profitable AI horse racing figure engineered specifically for everyday horse players

While Fast Figs is quickly changing the way seasoned Horseplayers handicap a race others are simply referring to them as "lightening in a bottle".  Even Tipsters and Newbies are finding that a simple win, place, or show bet on the highest Fast Fig is paying off resulting in a profitable day at the races.

The level of accuracy that Fast Figs is able to produce would be impossible given the vast amounts of data that is evaluated through the thousands of proprietary algorithms used to generate each Fast Fig. Fast Figs is the culmination of 50+ years of sophisticated figure making and real world handicapping experience combined with huge amounts of data, analyzed and normalized through complex algorithms utilizing a bank of supercomputers to produce one powerful figure that makes you a winner.

Level The Playing Field And Play Like the Pros

Win Bigger Payouts by Easily Singling Out Overlooked Contenders

You'll quickly start winning more by singling out any horses within FIVE points of the top figure while saving your money by throwing out the rest.

Increase Your Profits By Quickly Uncovering The Best Races Of The Day

You'll maximize your bankroll by easily identifying and confidently playing only the best betting opportunities across the country. Fast Figs uses our proven par-time-by-class standard combined with our exclusive performance models to ensure a uniform standard across all tracks in the US.

Effortlesssly Know When to Bet Big and When to Pass

You'll now have the confidence to bet big when you find those horses that have Fast Figs higher than the race Par (average winning number for each race) and pass on races that don't have any clear standouts.

Easily Create Your Own Value Line

Finally play like a pro by quickly assigning "Fair Odds" to each of your contenders so you know whether you're getting a fair price for your bets.

Outsmart The Betting Public

The betting public is very much in tune with speed figures which drives payout mutuel's down. Fast Figs goes beyond traditional speed figures giving you the edge you need to beat the odds.

Powerful AI Data Easy Enough For The First Time Race Goer

We've leveled the playing field with our "Big Data" figure making it easy for even those who only go to the track a few times a year.

Handicappers Who Love Fast Figs

Gotta tell ya, Fast Figs is a main tool that I utilize alongside Method Horse II. Together, I am able to isolate the main contenders in a given race. I'd be a different handicapper without it. Thanks you guys!

R. Williams
(customer since 2009)

"Please pass along my thanks to the Fast Figs crew. Just hit a $73 exacta (5 times) in the 3rd race at Monmouth with the huge favorite on top and a nice 27-1 shot coming in 2nd. By the way, these were the 2 top figs in the race. Great job guys, I will continue to be a loyal customer."

J. La Barge
(Customer since 2013)

"Thank you so much, I am using my figs today on Fair Ground. I am winning !"

C. Platt
(customer since 2019)

Proven Results That You Can Bet On

Learn which horses to single, key or use in the exotics.

Route Results

Sprint Results

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Turf Routes

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Dirt Routes

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Win Bet Profit


Avg. $2 Win Payout


Win Bet Profit


Avg. $2 Win Payout

(Results are based on if a win bet was placed on the highest Fast Fig in each of the Turf and Dirt Route Races run from Oct. 2021 - Dec 2021. )

Easy to Use With Or Without Your Favorite Tip Sheet

Fast Figs

One Powerful Number Incorporating Speed, Pace, and Strength of Fields

Quickly uncover those horses that not only have the speed but also the experience and ability to compete at today's race class level.

A combined class/performance figure based on the horse’s overall effort and the strength and level of the fields faced.

The higher the number the stronger the horse.

Horse’s scoring within FIVE points of the top figures should be considered contenders in today’s race

Quickly Find the Top Contenders In Each Race

Get Exceptional Betting Opportunities based on the projected pace of the race.

Learn which horses to use and how to use them in the exotics.

Ticket strategies based on a each horse's expected odds and chance of winning.

Use Fast Figs to Make Your Own Betting Line

step 1

Pass On Races With A Heavy "X" Factor.

In 11 and 12-horse fields, pass if there are four ‘x’ horses among the program entrants. In 9 and 10-horse fields, pass if there are three. In 5, 6, 7, and 8-horse fields, pass with two.

step 2

Uncover the Contenders

Determine the contenders by stacking the Fast Figs in order. Include all horses that rate within FIVE points of the top choice OR the top three-rated horses, if they rate within 10 points of high. Remember to give horses with a plus(+) credit for five extra points. For example, a 104+ equates to 109.

step 3

Find the Value Horses

List the contenders’ Morning Line next to their Fast Fig. Eliminate contenders that have a price that is the same or lower than the number of contenders remaining to this point. For example, if four horses remain after Step Two, the Morning Line odds must be 9/2 or higher.

step 4

Create the Betting Line

Multiply the number of remaining contenders by THREE to establish the required odds for an acceptable bet. If one contender meets this requirement, play it to Win/Place. If two meet the requirement, play both to Win.