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Best Bet Recommendations

Quickly Identify The Best Horse Racing Bets of the Day

Save time and maximize your profit potential by focusing your handicapping efforts and bankroll on only the best horse racing bets of the day from across the country.

Best Bets Available Files

TrackPriceSun 23rdMon 24th
Mid-Western Tracks$7.00
North-Eastern Tracks$7.00
Southern Tracks$7.00
Western Tracks$7.00-

Increase Your Profit and Save Time With Best Bets

At most horse racing tracks there are typically only one or two races on the card that offer good value while the rest are just filler races that most experienced handicappers won't play.  If you are a regular handicapper who focuses on profit then Best Bets can help you focus your bankroll and time so you are only betting on the absolute best "value" plays of the day.  Best Bet Recommendations will give you a list of the best betting opportunities of the day from tracks across the country.

Using Thoroughbred Analytic's proprietary tools we uncover and give you the races with the horses most likely to win at the best expected odds.

To help guide you as to how strong of a bet each Best Bet is you will also get our proprietary Indicator, Rank and Ratio for every horse running in the race.  These easy to use advance indicators will assist you in making more profitable wagering decisions.

Handicapper's Who Love Best Bets

"Fabulous hit on the two Green Grass Stable horses who ran at Del Mar this afternoon.  Both were TA#1 "Al Instante"at 22-1 in the 4th and "Private Affair" at 9-1 in the 6th.

Arthur R.

"My reward would be developing the ability to quickly pick horses that could contend..........and I succeeded in this "

Phil M.

When To Use

New To Horse Racing

You don't know which horse to pick.

Consistently Pick Winners

Get the most likely horses to win in key races across the country.

Play Multiple Tracks

Reports cover all tracks in specific regions.

Short On Time

Uncover the best betting races of the day from across the country.

Increase Wagering ROI

You will get only horses that can win at the best odds.

Uncover the "Best Bets" of the Day Across the Country

Best Bet Recommendations Horse Racing Thoroughbred Analytics

Quickly identify the horses most likely to win at the best odds.

Get essential race information including race conditions, post position, horse and jockey.

See the expected odds of each horse with the provided morning line.

Easily find the "Best Bet" of the race which is underlined and assigned a "1" in the TA Ranking column.

Best Bets are only the horses that are most likely to win at the best expected odds.

Everything you need to make more strategic and confident betting decisions.

"TA Indicator" is comprised of 40 key factors that have been evaluated to allow you to easily find the best horses in the field.  (the higher the number the stronger the horse)

"TA Ratio" allow a quick reference so you can see how each horse compares to the rest of the field.
(the higher the # the stronger the horse)

Easily evaluate each horse's connection with the simple to use Jockey and Trainer Ratings provided for each horse.
(100 = Par, the higher the number the better)

About Thoroughbred Analytics

Thoroughbred Analytics is the industry leading provider of data-driven handicapping reports and horse racing statistics for horse racing enthusiasts and professionals, from the beginner to the most advanced. Our reports are produced individually for each race and every thoroughbred track in North America using detailed data and our advanced proprietary handicapping software.