Which Santa Anita Handicappers Give The Best Picks?

Today's Racing Digest's Santa Anita Win Picks Consistently Out Perform The Competition

In a study comparing win pick results from 4 of the most popular handicapping pick websites for the 2023 Santa Anita Fall meet, Today's Racing Digest was the only handicapping service that showed a profit (7.3%) for the meet.  In addition, Today's Racing Digest win picks were proven to be at least 27% more profitable then any of the other handicapping services included in this study.

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Proven To Be The Most Profitable Santa Anita Win Picks With the Highest Payouts

Today's Racing Digest win picks for Santa Anita's 2023 fall meet provided the highest profits (7.3%) with the best payouts per pick given ($2.15) as compared to other handicapping services.  Win percentages were also ranked at the top with a 34% win rate.

Utilizing Today's Racing Digest's proprietary projected running lines and performance figures our staff of handicappers are able to more consistently uncover horses that the rest of the betting public often misses while using traditional past performance products.  For the 2023 Santa Anita fall meet Today's Racing Digest's win picks paid an average $6.29 per win which gave total win payouts of $276.80.

The results listed above were from a study conducted from win picks available from the handicapping services list in the left column for Santa Anita's 2023 Fall meet.  Today's Racing Digest win picks came from the first horse listed in the consensus analyst column from the Consensus which is included in Today's Racing Digest's Complete Digest.

In some cases there are fewer picks listed from a handicapping service.  The reason for this is either the pick(s) weren't available for that day or the horse(s) were scratched from the race and that pick was removed from the results.   These results are accurate and none of the picks have been manipulated, changed or edited in anyway.  For questions please contact us a admin@todaysracingdigest.com.