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Fast Figs Predictive Picks

Fast Figs An Easy To Use Performance Figure Proven To Find Overlays That Can Win The widespread use of antiquated speed figures has most handicappers struggling to consistently find value on the tote board. Through the power of AI learning we’ve created the first horse racing figure that has proven to consistently find overlays that […]

Post Position Winners By Size Of Field

Post Position Winners By Size Of Field Learn Which Post Positions At Each Distance Wins The Most Undecided between two contenders?   Discover which horse may have a slight edge in the race due to it’s starting post position in the race. Post Position Winners Sample Post Position Winners By Size Of Field Available Files […]

Track Bias

Track Bias Reports The Secret To Trip Handicapping Trip handicappers have long made their money by noting whether the track favored one type of running style or another and then following the horses that ran ‘against the bias’. Track Bias Sample Track Bias Available Files TrackPriceNo products are currently available. Add Selected To Cart Discover […]

Fractional Charting

Fractional Charting Easily See Overlooked Pace Scenarios That Can Payout Big Handicappers that rely too heavily on past speed without being able to accurately visualize how that speed fits into today’s race will frequently lose big, betting on overrated false favorites.  We’ve created a handicapping report that gives you an accurate projection of how a […]

Workout Reports

Workout Analyst Report Win Big and Look Like a Pro with our Insider Information On Morning Workouts Today’s Racing Digest’s exclusive Workout Report will give you invaluable insight as to the true fitness and ability of each horse which can produce huge payouts since this information is not readily available to the rest of the […]


Consensus Easy to Use Picks That Make You A Winner At The Track If you are new to horse racing or just going to the track for the first time the Consensus gives you our top 3 choices in each race. With the easy-to-use Conensus, you’ll look and be cashing tickets like a seasoned pro. […]

Race Sheets

Powerful Horse Racing Sheets Past Performances That Project How the Horse Will Run In Today’s Race. The Digest Race Sheets take your ordinary pp’s and supercharge them giving you a new way to look at a race. With our exclusive projected interior and final times, simplified class and performance rating systems, and proven winning handicapping […]

Track Profile

Track Profile Quickly See Which Running Styles Win at Each Distance You can now easily narrow down a field to only those contenders whose running styles are currently winning at a particular distance while avoiding those underlays whose running styles will be hurt by the prevailing Track Profiles. Track Profile Sample Track Profile Available Files […]

Track Variants

Track Variants The recorded time of a race may not be how fast it was. Whether you’re creating your own speed figures or digging deep for hidden value Track Variants give you the adjustments you need to slow or speed up a horse’s past performance based on outside factors that effect the speed of the […]