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How To Handicap Horses With Track Bias

How to Handicap Horses With Track Bias Race tracks play differently every day due to weather, normal maintenance, etc. Sometimes the track seems to favor no particular running style and no part of the track seems better than another. That’s not always the case, though, and trip handicappers have long made their money by noting […]

How To Handicap Horses With Track Profiles

How to Handicap Horses With Track Profiles Each horse has a running style that produces his or her best effort.  Each track, at each distance has a prevailing running style that produces more winner’s.  Putting these two pieces of the handicapping puzzle together can result in more consistent winning tickets. Today’s Racing Digest’s Track Profile […]

How To Handicap Horses Using Post Positions Winners By Size Of Field

How to Handicap Horses With Post Position Winners By Size Of Field Winning post position statistics is probably not the first place you are going to look when handicapping a race.  However, it can be a valuable tool when you are undecided between one or more of your contenders.  There are a lot of variables […]

How to Handicap Horse With Fast Figs

How to Handicap Horses With Fast Figs Fast Figs are what class, speed and pace figure players have been waiting for. Speed, pace and class are incorporated into one number and are listed for each rateable horse on today’s card. This rating is a combined class/performance figure based on the horse’s overall effort and the […]

How To Handicap Using Consensus

How to Handicap Horses With Consensus The popular Consensus Page tabulates the selections of the Digest handicappers and various features and presents the outcome of those results in an easy-to-read 1-2-3 format. The day’s “Best Bet”, the top rated horse that has the biggest point margin over the second rated horse, is highlighted in bold […]

How To Use Horse Racing Workouts

How to Handicap Horses With Workouts One of the best reasons to use Today’s Racing Digest’s workout reports is they will give you a better view of the current fitness and ability of the horse’s you are considering wagering on or against.  Past performances can certainly tell you how a horse ran in previous races […]

How To Handicap Using Quick Picks

How To Handicap With Quick Picks Today’s Racing Digest Quick Picks page offers an easy-to-read, one-page format that gives you the information you need to make quick decisions.  Quick Picks are put together by Today’s Racing Digest’s team of expert handicappers after they have analyzed all of the data and information written the analysis and […]

Learn About Digest Race Sheets

The Digest Race Sheets Core Features Whether you’re new to horse racing or looking for a better way to handicap the races, we guarantee that once you start using these 6 easy simple handicapping strategies you will quickly find yourself winning more frequently with higher payouts or we’ll give you your money back. Running Styles […]

How To Handicap Horses With Track Variants

How to Handicap Horses With Track Variants It’s important to understand that the recorded time of a race may not be the same thing as how fast it was. This seems like an illogical statement but there are other forces at work. On a given day, the effects of temperature, humidity, wet weather, wind, track […]

How To Handicap Horses With Fractional Charting

How to Handicap With Fractional Charting Winning Has Never Been Easier “It is not how fast the horse runs that is important.  It is how the horse runs fast.”  Betting the highest speed figure will ultimately give you a flat bet loss.  Often times the top speed figure horse is not suited for the pace […]