Today’s Racing Digest is Crushing Churchill Downs This Week


Today's Racing Digest is crushing Churchill Downs this week. Below are some stats that might be useful going into tomorrow's Kentucky Oaks and Saturday's Kentucky Derby Cards.

The results below are based on a win pick placed on the top 3 horses listed for each column in the Consensus. If a horse was scratched we did not replace it with a different horse. We only looked at this week's racing at Churchill Downs and the results are a combination of all 3 days.

57% ROI Consensus Column
12% ROI Race Analyst
10% ROI 1-2-3 Charting (Top 3 Fractional Charting)
9% ROI Quick Picks (based on win bet for every horse listed in each race)
7% ROI 1-2-3 FIRE (horses with the top 3 FIRE numbers in each race)
-8% ROI CPR (horses with the top 3 CPR numbers in each race)