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Since 1970, horse racing handicappers have relied on our expert picks, exclusive and insightful data driven reports & insider analysis making it easy to uncover overlooked contenders that can beat their odds.

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Belmont Park - Louisville, NY

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Today's Racing Digest gives horse racing handicappers easy to use picks along with a complete 360 degree analysis of how each horse is expected to perform in today's race.  Each edition includes our exclusive race sheets and Fractional Charting pace report, Fast Figs performance numbers, easy to use Quick Picks with betting suggestions, and all of the other insightful reports listed below that will help you easily uncover horses that can beat their odds.

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Belmont Park Expert Handicapper Picks, Tips & Reports

Expert picks, tips, selections and insider analysis from professional handicappers that have been certified and proven to be the best of the best in consistently uncovering horses that can beat their odds at the tracks they cover.

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Official 4 X 9 Programs with Pace PalsRace program that includes a simple to use icon based pace handicapping system. (LEARN MORE) $2.00

Belmont Park Thoroughbred Analytics Products

The leading provider of exclusive data-driven handicapping statistical reports and insider analysis along with horse racing picks that consistently uncover horses that can beat their odds.

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Best Bets & Live Long ShotsNorth-Eastern TracksGet the best bets and live long shots of the day and save 25% off the regular price (LEARN MORE) $10.00
Live LongshotsNorth-Eastern TracksGet long shots that can win and payout big. (LEARN MORE) $7.00
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