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Santa Anita Park Today's Racing Digest Products

Today's Racing Digest gives horse racing handicappers easy to use picks along with a complete 360 degree analysis of how each horse is expected to perform in today's race.  Each edition includes our exclusive race sheets and Fractional Charting pace report, Fast Figs performance numbers, easy to use Quick Picks with betting suggestions, and all of the other insightful reports listed below that will help you easily uncover horses that can beat their odds.

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Complete Digest

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Includes all of Today's Racing Digest features for each track and race day.  This is the same product that you have purchased on track, OTB's, and newstands. (LEARN MORE) $10.00

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(Your total cost for Digest-related features will not exceed $10.00 per card.)

ProductDescriptionPriceFri 29th
Workout ReportExclusive Insider Info. about the true fitness and ability of each horse from morning workouts. (LEARN MORE) $6.00
Fractional ChartingPace report showing how each horse's speed and ability fits in today's race (LEARN MORE) $5.00
Premium SheetsFull card race sheets with horse & race analysis, projected interior & final times, w/ simplified class & performance ratings. (LEARN MORE) $6.00
Fast FigsAI predictive figures that have proven to consistently find overlays that can win. (LEARN MORE) $3.00
Quick PicksOur top picks, long-shots, and multi bet strategies in an easy to use 1 page format. (LEARN MORE) $7.00
ConsensusGet our top 3 picks from multiple angles giving you the best chance at winning big (LEARN MORE) $5.00
Post Positions of Winners by Size of the FieldWhich post position wins the most by size of field, surface and distance. (LEARN MORE) $5.00
Track BiasLearn when and where there was a track bias and how strong and which running styles were favored. (LEARN MORE) $10.00
Track ProfileIncrease your win % by betting on horses with running styles suited to each race condition. (LEARN MORE) $5.00
Track VariantsUncover value at the track by understanding the true speed of a horse's past performance. (LEARN MORE) $2.00

Santa Anita Park Expert Handicapper Picks, Tips & Reports

Expert picks, tips, selections and insider analysis from professional handicappers that have been certified and proven to be the best of the best in consistently uncovering horses that can beat their odds at the tracks they cover.

ProductDescriptionPriceFri 29th
90 Day Workout ReportGet works before a horse’s last race. Sometimes it takes a race for that key work to take full effect. (LEARN MORE) $8.00
Bob Mieszerski Selections & Exotic StrategiesTop 3 picks and a long-shot play in every race with suggested exotic plays. (LEARN MORE) $10.00

Santa Anita Park Thoroughbred Analytics Products

The leading provider of exclusive data-driven handicapping statistical reports and insider analysis along with horse racing picks that consistently uncover horses that can beat their odds.

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Complete Track PackSanta AnitaSave 30% with this bundle that includes 3 of our most popular Reports (LEARN MORE) $7.50--
Premium Analysis & PP'sSanta AnitaGet the Premium PP's and Analysis together and save 25% off the regular price (LEARN MORE) $6.00--
Key Factors ReportSanta AnitaEasy to use ratings for each horse covering multiple "key factors" to winning. (LEARN MORE) $3.00--
Premium AnalysisSanta AnitaEasy to use report that gives you insight into how each horse is expected to perform. (LEARN MORE) $3.00--
Basic Past PerformancesSanta AnitaTraditional Past Performances (LEARN MORE) $2.00--
Best Bets & Live Long ShotsWestern TracksGet the best bets and live long shots of the day and save 25% off the regular price (LEARN MORE) $7.50--
Live LongshotsWestern TracksGet long shots that can win and payout big. (LEARN MORE) $5.00--
Best Bet RecommendationsWestern TracksBest bets of the day for tracks across the country (LEARN MORE) $5.00-
Premium PP'sSanta AnitaTraditional past performances plus exclusive key factors (LEARN MORE) $5.00--

Santa Anita Park Insider Handicapping Tips

Betting Opportunities

Race DateRace #HorseComments
September 298Clearly UnhingedWill Get Better as Furlongs Increase
September 298Elm DriveExploded When Asked And Opened Up 2 On Favorite
September 298Elm DriveWatch if Moves to Turf In Next Start

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