Powerful Horse Racing Sheets

These Aren't Your Grandfather's Past Performances.

The Digest Race Sheets take your ordinary pp's and supercharge them giving you a new way to look at a race.  With our exclusive projected interior and final times, simplified class and performance rating systems, and proven winning handicapping angles you'll find yourself easily uncovering horses that can win at a price .

Break Free from the Frustration of Regular Losses and Short Priced Favorites

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Do you often find that your top horse racing picks come up as the favorites with little chance of making much profit even if the horse wins the race?  Can we ease your mind a bit?  The truth is, it is really difficult to consistently find horses that have a better chance of winning than their odds suggest.  You're not a bad handicapper and you're not alone.

You just need the right handicapping tools so you can quickly and easily identify which races and horses are good bets and which ones to pass on.

Today's Racing Digest has combined more than 50 years of horse racing experience with Big Data while leveraging Artificial Intelligence to create our exclusive Race Sheets that will have you uncovering high priced winners with ease.   Unlike traditional past performance products the Digest Race Sheets were designed to dig deeper into the data while simplify the handicapping process by highlighting those winning handicapping angles that are often overlooked yet have proven to consistently uncover high priced winners.

Quickly Uncover False Favorites and Overlooked Contenders with Ease

Gone are the days of sifting through mountains of past performances, mentally calculating how a horse's pp translates to today's conditions, and digging for angles only to come up with short priced favorites.  With Today's Racing Digest Race Sheets, handicapping is easy, fun and profitable.

Learn Which Horse's Running Styles Can Win In Today's Race

Quickly narrow down your top choices by seeing which horse's running styles have been winning at today's track, surface and distance.
(premium, enhanced)

Quickly Throw Out Overpriced Favorites

Certain races produce more upsets than others and you can get an edge on the betting public by knowing the percentage of favorites that win and are in the money in this type of race.
(premium, enhanced)

Get Insider Information About How Which Horse Can Win and Why

Today's Racing Digest's staff of expert handicappers analyzes all the pertinent information and incorporates relevant facts into the analysis.  They then provide in-depth analysis of the race along with their possible endorsements and why.
(premium, enhanced)

Handicap Class Changes with Ease

The Digest Race Level makes it easy to identify any horses that are making changes in class and by how much.  Simply compare this number with the other class based ratings in the race sheets.  The higher the number the more difficult the race.
(premium, enhanced, basic)

Get Key Insider Information at a Glance

Our team of expert handicapper's reviews all of the pertinent information and then gives you key insider information for each horse including, running styles, competitiveness at today's race level, expected speed and pace figures, long-shots that can win, best plays, and more.
(premium, enhanced)

Understand How the Race Should Unfold and Why

Our staff of seasoned handicappers watch and analyze each horse's past performances and gives you insight into what to expect from each horse in today's race.

Learn Which Trainers Do Well In Today's Conditions

Knowing how trainers work can give a handicapper a tremendous advantage in a race.  We've done the work for you and highlight those jockey and trainer stats that are important to know along with any changes the horse is making in today's race.
(premium, enhanced, basic)

Quickly See a Horse's Ability to Compete In Today's Race Conditions

Get key race notes, course records, recent works and past performance ratings for each horse so you can quickly see which horses are capable of winning in today's race.
(premium, enhanced, basic)

See How Competitive a Past Performance Was

Along with essential past performance information on up to the last 6 starts for each horse you will get our exclusive Key Race Winners that indicate the number of horses from the race went on to win their next start.
(premium, enhanced, basic)

Easily Compare Past Performances With Projected Interior and Final Times

We've leveraged Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with our exclusive par-time-by-class standards to create projected interior and final times that reflect how each past performance would translate into today's conditions.
(premium, enhanced, basic)

Quickly See How Competitive Each Horse Has Been Recently

Using our exclusive easy to use Comprehensive Performance Rating and Race Class Levels you can now quickly compare each horse's best performances in conditions similar to today's race along with recent form.
(premium, enhanced)

See How Fast The Race Should be Run and the Likely Top 3 Finishers

Understand probable pace scenarios with our the Expected Times, Average Times, and Average Times at this Level for today's racing conditions along with our exclusive Fractional Charting top  finishers.
(premium, enhanced)

3 Different Types Of Race Sheets Available

Premium Race Sheets

Along with everything that is included in the Enhanced Race Sheets you will also get the Digest's exclusive Horse Comments for each horse in each race.  Provided by our team of expert race analysts, Horse Comments give you insight into why each horse may or may not be a good fit for today's race

(available in all Southern California editions and Key Stakes Days for tracks across the country)

Enhanced Race Sheets

Along with everything that is included in the Basic Race Sheets you will also get the Digest's exclusive Header Box, Track Profile, Fractional Chart Order of Finish and Average Times, and our exclusive Race Analysis.

(available for the most popular tracks when we publish the complete Digest for that track)

Basic Race Sheets

Includes key race and horse information for each horse running.

(available for all tracks running across the country)

Handicappers That Love The Digest Race Sheets

"I just wanted to say thank you for Today's Racing Digest. I do better when I use it than when I use the Racing Form.


Ramon A.
(customer since 2020)

I’ve told my ‘civilian’ DRF-only friends how unique, comprehensive the Digest is…something for everyone.
If they balk, I say at least buy the Fractional Chartings, good entry point for them to drill down one step at a time.


Jim F.
(customer since 1984)

I'm enjoying using your products since I discovered Today's Racing Digest a few weeks back.  I even scored the early Pick 4 at Santa Anita using your Digest.


Robert S.
(customer since 2022)

"I played the Breeders' Cup Classic with all the #'s you have and killed it!  Had the Super "Ice Cold" 72 times for $1,225 which made my weekend.  Thanks for the killer info.  Nothing better than standing in a long line to cash a winning ticket"

Murray L.
(customer since 2005)

"It's a terrific product!"

Jake H.
(customer since 1990's)

"I have been a user of the Digest since inception. Great product!"

Mark B.
(customer since 1970)

"Thanks, you guys have a quality product that I've enjoyed for years."

Gary M.
(customer since 1990's)

"I have been using the Digest since the 70's. You and your staff have been very helpful since the Digest went online and I appreciate that and the Digest."

Paul D.
(customer since 1970's)

"Love the breakdown on the races, fast figs, and analysis. Thank you, Racing Digest. I've been forwarding to friends, Great insights on horse racing."

Anthony P.
(customer since 2012)

"I wanted to congratulate the handicapping team on the outstanding job they did on the Delmar card today. I actually hit a P6 for 75G based primarily on the digest, singling a 15, keying the 15a’s and 20’s in three races, and buying the other two."

Ahmed A.
(customer since 1980's)

"I hit the Big One! Kentucky Derby 65-1 ex box $1 Seven Horses $1,504.80! Thank you Racing Digest for all your help."

Chris S.
(customer since 2018)

"Just a note to say you put out a great product and I have done well with it when my track Gulfstream is available in the full package edition."

Charlie C.
(customer since 2012)

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