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Premium Past Performances

Everything You Need To Evaluate a Horses Ability To Compete In Today's Race

Get traditional past performances for each horse along with Thoroughbred Analytics' proprietary performance figures making it easy to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each horse entered.

Premium Past Performance Available Files

TrackPriceFri 24thSat 25thSun 26thMon 27thTue 28thWed 29th
Assiniboia Downs$7.00-----
Belmont At The Big A$7.00----
Belterra Park$7.00----
Canterbury Park$7.00----
Churchill Downs$7.00---
Charlestown Races & Slots$7.00----
Delaware Park$7.00-----
Emerald Downs$7.00----
Evangeline Downs$7.00---
Finger Lakes$7.00----
Golden Gate Fields$7.00-----
Gulfstream Park$7.00----
Hawthorne Race Course$7.00----
Hastings Park$7.00----
Indiana Downs$7.00----
Louisiana Downs$7.00---
Lone Star Park$7.00---
Mountaineer Track & Resort$7.00-----
Penn National$7.00----
Presque Isle Downs$7.00-----
Prairie Meadows$7.00--
Parx Racing$7.00----
Ruidoso Downs$7.00-----
Santa Anita$7.00----

Premium Past Performances

Horse Racing Handicapping

Horse racing handicapping past performances are a staple in most handicapper's tool box so to find value on the tote board can be tough since most of the betting public is using the same information.  With Thoroughbred Analytics Premium Past Performances you will get the traditional past performances you are familiar with but you will also get TA's exclusive Key Factors to help guide your betting decisions.

Thoroughbred Analytic uses proprietary algorithms, to analyze all of the available data and calculates over forty factors for each horse in the race.  Using these factors, statistical models are applied to each horse and then optimized based on the correlations between the factors and actual results for optimum model application.

With access to these exclusive key factors along with the traditional past performances you will have everything you need to uncover hidden value on the tote board while easily excluding false favorites.

Handicapper's Who Love Thoroughbred Analytics

"I continue to do well playing pick 4's.  I kicked off the late P4 at Churchill Downs today with a $92.80 winner who ranked 4th (but only .05 behind the 1st TA ratio) and had by far the highest trainer rating.  I did hit the P4 at Evangeline Downs for $1,044.  Thanks for continuing to improve the ratings"

Jeff J.

"I had purchased your TA Premium Analysis sheet for Belmont yesterday and the download was effortless and the information great."

James R.

"This program is an essential tool in making a selection between two similar entries at similiar odds.  It seems to wee out the contenders from the pretenders.  Very Satisfied!"

William S.

"I thought you should know that Arlington 6/17 races 5-8 had the winner in the top 3.  A $27 -3 horses -  3 horses - 3 horses pick  bet would have gotten you the whole pool since the pick  paid 2 out of 3 for around $4,000.  Whatever you are doig keep fine tuning it and you will make everyone rich"

Denny C.

When To Use

Experienced Handicapper

You like the challenge of picking your own winners.

You Like To Analyze Data

Get up to 10 past performances for each horse running

Build Your Handicapping Confidence and Bankroll

Easily understand how competitive each horse is in the race.

You Have Time to Study Past Performances

You enjoy the handicapping process of reviewing past performances to uncover an overlooked contender.

Traditionalist Familiar With Past Performances

These are traditional past performances most US Handicappers are familiar with

Premium Past Performances Include TA Key Factors Allowing You to Make More Profitable Betting Decisions

Premium Past Performance video 1

Easily uncover the real contenders and false favorites in each horse race.

See the expected odds of each horse with the provided morning line.

"TA Rank" allows you to make quick betting decisions by seeing the horses expected finish position.

"TA Indicator" is comprised of 40 key factors that have been evaluated to allow you to easily find the best horses in the field.  (the higher the number the stronger the horse)

"TA Ratio" allow a quick reference so you can see how each horse compares to the rest of the field.
(the higher the # the stronger the horse)

Get a Clear Picture of a Horse's Ability to Win in Today's Race Conditions

"Class Rating" allows you to quickly see which horses can compete at today's race class level and by how much.
(100 = fits class, >100 = drop in class, < 100 = up in class)

"Distance Rating" let's you quickly evaluate each horses ability to compete at today's race distance.
(100 = fits distance, >100 = well suited for distance, < 100 = not suited for distance)

"Speed Rating" let's you easily see which horses are the fastest in today's race and by how much.
(100 = Par, the higher the number the better)

"Average Finish" Rating lets you see how far behind the winner each horse historically finishes.
(the closer to 100 the better)

Quickly discover which horses and connections have the ability to win

"Horses Passed" Rating gives you each horse's ability to pass other horses during a race.
(the closer to 100 the more horses are passed by this horse)

"Lengths Gained" Rating shows you how well a horse can come from behind when running behind the leader.
(the closer to 100 the more the horse can improve their position)

"Workout Rating" helps you know if a horse is in form and how fit they might be compared to the rest of the field.
(Workout Ratings are a percent raking compared to others in the race)

Easily evaluate each horse's connection with the simple to use Jockey and Trainer Ratings provided for each horse.
(100 = Par, the higher the number the better)

Essential Information You Need To Play The Races

How to use horse racing past performances for handicapping

Race and Horse Information in the Traditional Format

Get essential race information including race conditions, post position, horse, owner and jockey names.

See specific horse information including color, sex, reported gelded date, age, birth, month, where sold at auction, year and price

Discover key pedigree and breeding information including sire, (sire's sire), sire stud fee, dam (dam's sire); and breeder.

Get trainer name and year-to-date record (total starts, wins, places, shows)

See how much weight each horse is carrying along with each horses performance and earning records and life time surface records.

See up to the last 10 Past Performances For Each Horse Running

Get up to 10 past performances for each horse including date, race #, track distance and surface

See the fractional times for the horse in the lead at each point of call in each of the past performances

Get the #of lengths each horse was behind the leader or in front if the horse was in the lead at each point of call including the finish.

See the class of and any age restrictions for each past performance.

how to read horse racing past performances position in race

Key Performance Information for Each Horse's Previous Races

See each horses position in their past races at each point of call througout the race.

Know the lengths beaten at each point of call or lengths ahead if the horse is in the lead.

Get the Jockey name along with the horse's medication, weight carried and equipment for each past performance.

See the final odds to $1 for each past performance.

Get insider trip notes for each past performance

Horse Racing Past Performances Workout Info

Get up to the last 12 most recent workouts for each horse.

Each workout includes the date, track, distance, track condition and final time of each workout.

A workout raking is provided ranking each workout with the total # of horses worked at that time and distance.

Basic PP's workouts

About Thoroughbred Analytics

Thoroughbred Analytics is the industry leading provider of data-driven handicapping reports and horse racing statistics for horse racing enthusiasts and professionals, from the beginner to the most advanced. Our reports are produced individually for each race and every thoroughbred track in North America using detailed data and our advanced proprietary handicapping software.