The 4 Highest Fast Figs Picks The Top 3 Finishers In the 2023 Kentucky Derby

Fast Figs continues to prove it's consistency in being able to isolate the top contenders even at the highest levels of racing.  In this year's Kentucky Derby, the top 4 Fast Figs included the top 3 finishers.  Fast Figs takes into account not only the expected speed and performance of a horse but also the level of performance of other horses entered into that race.  This gives handicappers a decisive edge against the rest of the betting public who often are only using one or two dimensional speed or performance figures.

Fast Figs

The Digest Fast Figs combine speed, pace and strength of field into one powerful rating making it easy to find top contenders in each race.  We have been tracking Fast Figs nationally since 2018 and the top Fast Fig has produced the Kentucky Derby winner three times and one third place finish.

A strong strategy for using Fast Figs are to look for runners within five points of the top Fast Figs .  2021 winner Medina Spirit was within five points of the top Fast Figs and in 2022, runner-up and 3rd place finishers Epicenter and Zandon, were within five lengths as well.

You can purchase Fast Figs individually for each track or they are included with each Complete Digest.

Since 2018

2018 – 137 (Justify-1st/Audible-3rd)

2019 - 137 (Maximum Security-DQ’ed from 1st)

2020 – 137 (Authentic-1st)

2021 – 135 (Rock Your World-17th)

Medina Spirit(1st) 130

2022 – 138 (Taiba-12th)

Epicenter(2nd) 133; Zandon (3rd) 137

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