Pace Pals

An Easy and Fun Way to Handicap the Pace of the Race

Pace Pals fun and simple to use icon based handicapping system makes it easy for you to see how the pace of the race will unfold while quickly building your confidence in your betting decisions so you know when to pass or bet big on a race.

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Learn To Handicap Pace in Seconds and Win Big Like a Pro

Pace Handicapping can be a complex, time consuming process and if not done correctly can cost you a lot of money at the betting window.  In the past, only the most experienced and sophisticated horse racing handicappers were been able to consistently find value on the tote board due to overlooked pace scenarios by the rest of the betting public.

Now you too can handicap pace in just seconds with Pace Pals easy to use programs that include their proprietary fun icon based pace handicapping system.  Through a series of complex algorithms Pace Pals goes through mountains of horse racing data focusing in on the key elements of each of the horse's past performances and puts them in an easy to use visual format to help you quickly understand the likely pace of each race.

Even if you are new to horse racing, with Pace Pals you too can bet and win big on the races just like the seasoned pros.

When To Use

New To Horse Racing

You don't know which horses to bet on.

Increase Your Winning ROI%

Easily identify horses that have a pace advantage

New To Pace Handicapping

Fun icons give you the running style of each horse

Play the Exotic Bets

Exactas, Trifectas and Multi Race Bets

Short On Time

Quickly see the expected running style of each horse.

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